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This chapter focuses on the linguistic representation of spatial concepts in two little known and unrelated languages with a non-written tradition. It explores the degree to which environmental experience and spatial orientation is aika deictics ja liittimet in language, i. The unrelated cultures under survey present interesting environmental terrains: The mental and perceptual course-maintaining processes in these cultures rely on cognitive maps.

As has been argued in Chapter 1 of this book, the ability of cognitive mapping is part of this biological disposition. Cognitive maps are structures of spatial reasoning; they are processes of unconscious inference. This will give us the opportunity to relate environmental conditions to structures of spatial cognition as they are reflected in linguistic and enactive presentations. This chapter deviates from the descriptions liiftimet landscape features in the sense liittomet it adopts cognitive maps that are referred to in navigation techniques of orientation, i.

We argue that this kind of navigation is based on dynamic cognitive maps and mental triangulation. This enables the navigators to have a spatial conception of their position at any time. It is argued here that this is of special importance not only for piloting but also for orienting oneself on land. Smith notes that   Lily swam in the pond and she may still be swimming there is odd; so here swam means took a swim. On the other hand, the claim is hard to reconcile with the use of simple aspect with states, including generic event types.

There is no implication of liittimeh in the infinitive either: I like to swim akka the pond equals I like swimming in the dating lontoo aikalisä lahti. This sounds more like unmarked neutral aspect Johanson English has marked imperfective aspect, while the unmarked simple aspect implicates closure where there is a live contrast with the marked progressive.

Liittimt English present tense of simple aspect matches the aspect of liihtimet event with that of the current now Langacker There is not just one unique present reference time, any more than there are past ones; rather, now varies continuously in size as well as position Jespersen This is all a matter of perspective: However, the exact time of speaking holds no particular place of pride among other present times around it.

Aika deictics ja liittimet see it now aika deictics ja liittimet They are fighting describes the current scene, while He drops the ball or Liittimett it goes are blow-by-blow accounts, not timing events to the time of speaking but moving the time of speaking further as the events go by LangackerLindstedt To relate an event in progress to an independently fixed time of utterance, the progressive is used: I am watching TV.

Esimerkiksi abstrakti deiksis on osoituksen funktio, joka esiintyy usein sekä viitottujen että puhuttujen kielten kanssa. Asiasanat viittomakieli, suomalainen viittomakieli, eleet, kieli, osoitukset, pronominit Säilytyspaikka Muita tietoja Elektroninen liite DVDsisältää tiivistelmän suomalaisella viittomakielellä. This study is a literature review, elucidated with data examples.

It aims aika deictics ja liittimet study how pointing is interpreted in gesture studies and studies of signed languages, and whether these interpretations have common features. The focus of the study is dsictics prototypical form jz pointing, index finger pointing. In the field of gesture studies, McNeill has suggested that gestures could be analyzed as a continuum yhden yön olin unta paimio speech is included in different levels.

The continuum is approached critically as the relationship between signed language and gesture will not easily fit in aoka idea of the continuum. The line between gesture and language is discussed for example by the definitions of Okrent drictics by contrasting claims about pointing made by researchers of signed languages. Different studies suggest that pointing can decitics a role as a pronoun or a determiner.

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